In 2010 B-CAD decided to go green with an eco-friendly building. We moved our office from Concord Plaza, where we were located for 23 years, to the former Talleyville Post Office on Concord Pike (Route 202). Our goal was to reuse/repurpose everything we could from the existing building. The lights, ceiling grid, doors, grilles and even some of the 2×4 studs were reused.

The former lobby of the Post Office was the perfect space for our Training Room. The lights were cleaned and painted, then retrofitted with LED tubes to create a bright and warm feeling.

In 2011 we installed a new white TPO roof, which reduced the “Heat Island” effect and shortly thereafter, installed (121) PV Solar Panels, which produce nearly half of the electrical power for our consumption needs. The 50-plus-year-old windows were replaced with low-e glass and thermal breaks. Another interesting feature is that our lower spandrels were specially designed with low iron, ultra-clear glass to allow maximum light in for future hot water solar collectors.

Going Green Outside

Outside, we removed a section of our blacktop parking surface and had the material recycled locally to make way for our organic vegetable garden. Additionally, the new garden and the triple compost were designed, installed, and maintained by our employees. Rainwater harvesting tanks and a complete filtration and pump system were also installed. The rainwater from our roof is now captured and used to flush our toilets and water our garden. We held a fund-raising car wash at our facility and used the recycled water to wash the cars. Lastly, a lightweight green roof was installed on our breezeway and the plants are flourishing.

Our unique eco-friendly building has attracted visits from the Governor, DEDO and DNREC Secretaries, State Senators and County Council members.

If you get a chance…stop by and check us out!