3D Laser CAD Scanner Services Save You Time and Money

3D laser CAD scanner services bring efficiency to project management by creating precisely accurate drawings of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and even residential facilities, with point-cloud models for improved planning.

Models include large amounts of data points representing all measurements of a room. Measurements include coordinates along the X, Y, and Z axes. They are then plotted to form a 2D or 3D representation of the room or structure.

3D laser CAD scanner services are somewhat of a reverse engineering approach. This enables builders and architects to detect potential issues on a project before sending any crews out to begin labor. This saves time and money.

How is a 3D Laser CAD Scanner Used?

There are architectural, structural, and mechanical applications for 3D scanning. With accurate, visual as-built layouts of existing distance, area, and volume, designers and project managers can better plan for restoration, alterations, or new builds. A 3D picture of a room can include floor to ceiling, every fixture, every feature.

What was once a labor-intensive, time-consuming task requiring two more or employees measuring a site, can be done with one piece of equipment, in half the time.

Manufacturers can use a 3D laser floor plan scanner to better refine machine parts. When combined with CAD programs, the object design can be manipulated to best suit the manufacturer’s needs before any production costs are lost to design error.

3D laser CAD scanner services can provide companies with references for future renovations and long-range planning, accurate multi-dimensional blueprints for space allocations (down to the millimeter), or for use in creating strategic plans for industrial/construction challenges such as asbestos remediation.

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Why You Should Outsource Your 3D Scanning

B-CAD has the equipment, the software, and the expertise to complete 3D scanning as well as general field verification services. We are trained in OSHA compliance and have a staff member who is OSHA 10 Certified.

We can provide scan-to-BIM services when needed without your having to invest in in-house equipment and ongoing training.

Poor project data, miscommunication, and insufficient document control can increase project costs by more than 50%. We help remediate all of these.

 In construction, even just decreasing the need for site visits will contribute greatly to a more profitable bottom line.