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What Are Field Surveys and Why Are They Important?

B-CAD “As-Built” Field Survey

The Basics of Field Surveys for Construction

Field surveys are an important part of the construction process. They provide critical information that helps engineers, architects, and contractors design and build safe, efficient, and cost-effective projects. Without field surveys, construction projects would be much more difficult and expensive to complete. Field surveys are used to collect data about the property on which a construction project will take place, and or the existing features of a building.

This data includes the property’s boundaries, contours, existing features, and utilities. The surveyor who conducts the field survey uses this data to produce a map of the property. This map is then used by the design team to create the construction drawings. Today we will look at what exactly field surveys are, and why they are important. 

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3D Laser CAD Scanner Services Save You Time and Money

3D laser CAD scanner services bring efficiency to project management by creating precisely accurate drawings of commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and even residential facilities, with point-cloud models for improved planning.

Models include large amounts of data points representing all measurements of a room. Measurements include coordinates along the X, Y, and Z axes. They are then plotted to form a 2D or 3D representation of the room or structure.

3D laser CAD scanner services are somewhat of a reverse engineering approach. This enables builders and architects to detect potential issues on a project before sending any crews out to begin labor. This saves time and money.

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