What Is the Typical Cost to Outsource Drafting Services?

You can outsource drafting services to increase your productivity, by moving drafting and 3D modeling off your plate. Outsourcing these architectural services will enable you to concentrate on the core tasks of construction and overall planning. If you’re thinking about doing so, you’re likely wondering how much do drafting services cost.

So, what is the typical cost to outsource drafting services? You can expect to pay $100-$130/hr. So, for an A0 drawing of a house that takes 8 hours to complete, for example, outsourcing drafting services could cost between $800-$1,040. However, the cost for drawings and graphs can vary depending on the services you need, the scope of your project, and your project deadlines.

Read further to learn more about our drafting services and why it may help your project by taking it “out of house.”

How Much Do Drafting Services Cost?

For basic drafting, you can expect to pay about $75/hour, with additional costs for a project manager and any designing work needed.  These additional services would raise the cost to outsource drafting services to about $125 an hour.

Working with BCAD can extend your company’s offerings and ensure your projects are done with much attention to detail while offering impressive turnaround times. Moreover, the CAD operator has instant access to the entire knowledgeable B-CAD Team and other equipment and software routines that expedite production.

Find Designers & CAD Drafting Specialists

From concept to completion, our well-trained team can provide 2D drawings and 3D models for many purposes, including design development and construction drawings. BCAD also provides BIM modeling if needed to help your in-house team focus on the more strategic parts of a project.

For any large remodels and construction projects, you’ll need the expertise of a qualified draftsman to ensure your plans, from conceptualizing to construction, are sound. BCAD’s area of field and design expertise includes architectural, civil, and structural. Our consulting services have helped numerous markets, serving as their drafting experts for more than 25 years.

Benefits to Outsourcing Drafting Services

Following is a list of some of the benefits of outsourcing drafting services through an experienced company like BCAD.

  • Access to Skilled Draftsmen
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings

Is it Worth Outsourcing Drafting Services?

CAD and Revit software will offer more precise and accurate levels of design than manual drawings. If your in-house drafting is manual, there’s no doubt that it is worth outsourcing drafting services. The percentage of error (thus, final project cost) will likely be greatly decreased.

You can quickly modify drafting via computer-aided design software to accommodate any changes in your project. If needed, we can easily and efficiently draft different models.

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