Why Does GIS Mapping Make It Easier to See Geographical Data?

Simply speaking, a geographic information system (GIS) can change geographical data into digital maps.

Our GIS system gathers and analyzes geographic data and transforms it into a visual result of data layers.

GIS capabilities enable us to compile and show various topographical information helping anticipate challenges before you even break ground. This aids in accurate, efficient engineering project delivery.

How Does GIS Play an Important Role in Project Management?

The “lay of the land” impacts economics, sustainability, populations, social interaction, and so much more.

GIS maps can convey, analyze, and solve complex problems that influence all of these. It can predict and explain issues driven by geography.

How Accurate is GIS Mapping?

AutoCAD Map provides incredible GIS mapping accuracies. When paired with BIM, you access an incredible amount of live-sensor data that can then be exported as 3D models and as digitized representations of physical locations.

How Can B-CAD GIS Mapping Be Used?

GIS mapping is used in urban planning as a predictive tool to identify suitable land, urban impact analyses, adaptation strategies, or to see how new buildings can be constructed among existing infrastructures.

GIS mapping data layers

B-CAD has been providing GIS support to a large water and wastewater utility based in PA for over 15 years.  Our primary GIS responsibility has been to update the GIS for operating systems in eight states as we receive plans affecting changes to water and wastewater infrastructure.

One of the key skills B-CAD provides is our knowledge of water and wastewater system components, as well as pressure zones and flow direction.  One benefit of this is that we ensure correct connectivity and pressure zone boundaries and know to ask questions when something is not clear on a plan.  The other benefit is that the GIS data is ready for export to hydraulic modeling software.

B-CAD monitors email requests from client personnel in the eight states updates GIS based on these requests and publishes individual maps and map books.

B-CAD also exports data from GIS to AutoCAD, e.g., elevation contours, soils & parcels, to be used by designers developing water main replacement plans.

How Is It Different from Web Mapping?

Web mapping does display topographical information in a digital format. However, web mapping does not connect to quantitative data nor does it offer data useful for predictive analysis.

GIS is a comprehensive representation of all geographic features in a certain region. It also depicts any geographic elements that may intersect or impact that region.

B-CAD can supplement your in-house expertise with GIS mapping and through data exports that illuminate changes to geographic features, including changes to wastewater infrastructures. Contact us to learn more.

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